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Creative Commons License Ruby Construction LLC Photos and Articles by Owen R. Sechrist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Additional Permissions: All material on this website is the intellectual property of Ruby Construction LLC, except in cases where we have reproduced others' images or articles. The articles and images may only be reproduced on other websites, unless you have obtained express permission to reproduce them in another medium. Reproducing the content on this site should meet the following additional guidelines: For any individual image on our site that contains a link, the link must be preserved on your site, including links to third party sites that may have proprietary or copy-write rights on the image. Any image that does not contain a link may be reproduced with a link back to any page on our site that displays the same image in any size. Any article may be reproduced in excerpt or in it's entirety. In either case the author should be listed in the identical form it is displayed on our site. In addition the anchor text "Ruby Construction LLC" must be displayed as a link to the page on our site where the article resides. In the event that you reproduce one of our articles or a portion of an article and it will display anywhere on your site as an excerpt, the link to our website must be visible in the excerpt, for example by including the line: "This article was written by Owen R. Sechrist and reproduced with the permission of <a href="">Ruby Construction LLC</a>." at the top of the article.

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