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Cutting Tile around a Toilet Flange

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If you’re laying a tile floor in a bathroom for the first time you might be stymied as to how you cut the tile around the toilet flange.  All marks on the tile should be made with something that won’t dissolve in water right away, I usually use a medium sized Sharpie. Step 1:  Lay […]

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Top 7 Bathroom Remodeling Problems You Can’t See!

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Don’t do a major bathroom remodel without seriously considering a full gut to expose hidden problems.

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What Type of Grout Should I Use?

In years past there have been two basic types of grout for tile installations: cement grout or epoxy. A few years ago StarQuartz grout emerged on the market, a pre-mixed urethane grout. It largely flew under the radar but urethane grouts are starting to become a commonly used grout material. Traditional cement based grouts are […]

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Electric Radiant Floor Heat

    The latest craze in bathroom remodeling is toasty warm tile floors for your piggies.  On a recent kitchen remodeling project we took things a step further:  electric radiant floor heat as the primary heat system.     STEP Warmfloor(tm) manufactures cutting edge floor warming and floor heating systems.  Unlike many of their counterparts, Step uses an […]

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How to Absolutely Screw Up Your Remodel

Remodeling always presents challenges, the ones that come up most are budget constraints, incomplete plans, a skill set not up to the task. Let’s look at these concerns and learn a few things.

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Putting the "Custom" in Custom Tile

I bought my better half a toilet for Christmas. I know, that doesn’t sound like a particularly good idea in general and, as it turned out, it wasn’t.  She did, however, very much want the toilet replaced.  Of course when it came time to install the new toilet I couln’t reconcile myself to the idea […]

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