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Remodeling Budget Guide

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The very first thing you should do when you start thinking about a remodeling or renovation project is to come up with a budget. I implore you to resist the urge to pick up the phone and call sixteen different contractors for estimates and use whatever responses you get to form a budget number. It is in everyone’s best interest for you to do your homework first. By wisely determining a preliminary budget you will be able to screen contractors on the phone and schedule fewer visits, saving you a lot of time and aggravation, while wildly increasing the odds of a thrilling remodeling experience.

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I’ll Take the Kitchen Remodel with a Side of Asparagus

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How do you go about selecting a remodeling company that is going to make you happy?

Unfortunately most consumers have no idea, and most remodeling companies can’t tell you either.

It’s a problem that every business wrestles with: “How do we make sure that the people our product or service fits with understand that our product or service is perfect for them?”

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How to Choose a Contractor II

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I recently came across this great article by one of my colleagues who is kind enough to allow me to reprint this.  I think Mike really hits on all the major points of how to evaluate a remodeling contractor when they meet with you to talk about your project. Please note that for Pennsylvanians you […]

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Cutting Tile around a Toilet Flange

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If you’re laying a tile floor in a bathroom for the first time you might be stymied as to how you cut the tile around the toilet flange.  All marks on the tile should be made with something that won’t dissolve in water right away, I usually use a medium sized Sharpie. Step 1:  Lay […]

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Top 7 Bathroom Remodeling Problems You Can’t See!

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Don’t do a major bathroom remodel without seriously considering a full gut to expose hidden problems.

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EPA's RRP Rule

This blog has been getting a fair amount of traffic regarding the EPA’s Remodeling, Repair & Painting Rule that went into full effect April 22nd, 2010. Here is a list of resources for you folks looking for information: One of my colleagues, Sean Lintrow, has done a tremendous job of keeping up on this rule […]

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The Myth of Radiant Barriers

I’ve been seeing more and more advertisements for radiant barriers, radiant insulation, and along with them wild claims about how the magical flow of radiant energy defies the otherwise present laws of science and robs our homes of warmth, cool and small children in cradles. Here are some of the most offensively deceptive claims: 90% […]

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New EPA Lead Regulations May Affect You

The EPA is instituting new regulations that are going to have a major impact on owners of homes built prior to 1978.  There is a huge outcry and hot debate among contractors(the ones that are aware of the new regs) over the practicality of these regulations in the face of the monetary impact on homeowners, […]

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Part VI: Corian and Plastic Kitchen Countertops

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Corian countertops were created over 30 years ago.  When they were introduced they were wildly popular, and with good reason.  In additiona to great looks, invisible seams and good repairablility they were also an inexpensive countertop option. Due to problem installations DuPont created a proprietary system for Corian and it is now available only from […]

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Part V: Tile & Laminate Kitchen Countertops

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Tile countertops were for many years considered a low end upgrade from laminate tops.  With the mind boggling array of tile choices and more advanced tile setting materials, grouts and edge trims tile has been resurging as an upscale countertop choice. These countertops are sporting Schluter Systems’ edge trims to give them a clean timeless look. […]

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