October 2009

What Does ‘Quality Material’ Mean?

If we’re asked to explain why the total investment on our proposal is higher than someone else’s price for a project one of the factors I cite is that we only use high quality materials. It’s easy to tell a client something like “we only use high quality materials”, but what does that really mean? […]

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What Type of Grout Should I Use?

In years past there have been two basic types of grout for tile installations: cement grout or epoxy. A few years ago StarQuartz grout emerged on the market, a pre-mixed urethane grout. It largely flew under the radar but urethane grouts are starting to become a commonly used grout material. Traditional cement based grouts are […]

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Understanding Modern Tile Tub Surrounds

Very often when we do a bathroom remodeling project we’re taking out an old 50’s through 70’s era tiled tub surround. Every time we do we find mold behind the tile. I’m a huge fan of tiling tub surrounds and I always try to talk my customers into tile instead of a fiberglass surround. Now, […]

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